Wonders of the modern world

Pure magic!
(The video was shared with me via Facebook from this blog…)

This amazing video put me on the following train of thought:

How many people in the world know that such a phenomenon exists?

If you were to describe such a spectacular occurrence to someone who has never seen such a thing, could they ever possibly TRULY understand?

HOW would you go about describing this to someone who is clueless?

If I had never heard of such a thing, would I understand someone who tried to describe it to me? Could I comprehend if I honestly didn’t know that such a thing were possible at all?? Would I even believe a description???

What if the mental image I came up with from their description were completely wrong?

How many things described in the Bible are like that to us today?….

I can’t express enough how cool it is to live in a time when pretty much everything that exists in the known world is accessible by ANYONE, ANYTIME… It is no longer only a matter of being in the right place at the right time to be lucky enough to ever witness such a thing and then be doomed to be forever frustrated trying to convey the experience to others who might never understand….

What a blessing! Gosh, I love technology. 🙂


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